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NSTPLNSTPL is a world-class service provider of a comprehensive range of quality services such as TV Broadcasting, News Gathering & Video uplinking etc. Our experience in the Satellite and Networking business empowers us to meet all your diverse Telecommunication needs. We have constantly endeavored to imbibe and implement the latest technology.

From Techno-engineering solution to customer-centric needs, focused solutions that serve the broadcast community and to their millions of viewers is a challenge we thrive on.

Our teleport located at Greater Noida (NCR), in a pollution free zone and is spread over twelve acres of area. The Teleport is just about 30 minutes driving time from the commercial center of New Delhi.

The Teleport is duly authorized & licensed by various regulatory bodies such as Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

It is a modern, state of the art , multi satellite uplinking earth station capable of serving all the major broadcast satellites placed in the Geo–stationery orbit over the Indian subcontinent.

NSTPL is presently serving more than 50 National and International Broadcasters. NSTPL is also Indian partner of SINGTEL to carry signals of Indian broadcasters to rest of world through Fiber.

NSTPL also acts  as a System Integrator for Broadcast & Media segment to provide end to end solution and now aggressively entering into Market as full fledged System Integrator in Indian sub continent.
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NSTPL Selects Intelsat Satellite for Launch of ‘Headend in the Sky’ for Digital Cable TV Service

Intelsat S.A., the world’s leading provider of satellite services, and Jain TV Group’s Noida Software Technology Park Limited (NSTPL), the leading Indian provider of satellite broadcast infrastructure services, today announced the selection of Intelsat to provide satellite capacity for a new digital cable television distribution platform for India. NSTPL’s planned ‘Headend in the Sky’, or HITS platform, supports India’s national goal of completing the transition to digital broadcast television signals by 2014.

NSTPL has signed a multi-year, multi-transponder agreement for C-band capacity on Intelsat 902 at 62° East. The company will use the capacity to create a white label, turnkey channel package that can be received and distributed by multiple system and local cable operators throughout the region.

“NSTPL is proud of its association with Intelsat and excited that our HITS platform will facilitate pan-India service beginning this September, signifying an important step in the transition to India’s national goal of full digitalization of television signals by 2014. The platform will launch with more than 200 digital television channels and will expand to 350 by 2013,” said Dr. J.K. Jain, chairman of NSTPL and Jain TV Group. “Any cable operator can offer digital cable service with a nominal investment of approximately Rs 15 lakhs instead of spending crores of rupees to upgrade their networks.”

NSTPL also announced that Shri Pradip Baijal, former chairman of TRAI, shall be the mentor for the NSTPL’s HITS project, and will provide leadership on a full-time basis. NSTPL’s offerings will be white label and will not compete with those of any other providers; rather the company will provide solutions directly to cable operators.

“India has a burgeoning cable distribution market with more than 80 million homes receiving television programming via cable,” said Terry Bleakley, Intelsat’s regional vice president for Asia-Pacific sales. “Intelsat’s satellites and video neighborhoods allow for new and innovative platforms that reach an increasingly greater number of consumers in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.”


With more than 20 years of experience in satellite-based services, NSTPL is a world-class provider of quality services such as TV broadcasting, video uplink, news gathering, occasional feeds, news feeds, downlinking of international channels, and integration of teleports and DSNG. NSTPL is presently serving more than 50 national and international broadcasters.

About Intelsat 

Intelsat is the leading provider of satellite services worldwide. For over 45 years, Intelsat has been delivering information and entertainment for many of the world’s leading media and network companies, multinational corporations, Internet Service Providers and governmental agencies. Intelsat’s satellite, teleport and fiber infrastructure is unmatched in the industry, setting the standard for transmissions of video, data and voice services. From the globalization of content and the proliferation of HD, to the expansion of cellular networks and broadband access, with Intelsat, advanced communications anywhere in the world are closer, by far. 

NSTPL and KTPL Association

Noida Software Technology Park Ltd. has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Karthavya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 13th Feb 2012. This association is to offer Joint Solution for Broadcast Engineering Services.

Karthavya Technologies is a key IT Services and Solution provider in Broadcast Software Systems.

NSTPL will exclusiverly represent KTPL's Broadcast Products in Northern India and other North Eastern States. Joint Venture of NSTPL & Karthayva will promote Newsroom Computer System ( NRCS)- BLAZE, Playout Automation System-Quick Edge, Archival and Media Asset Management & Archival System- Data Health.

The new association with KTPL will enhance NSTPL's comprehensive end to end Broadcast Integration offering for Indian broadcasters


Delhi, 22nd November’2011- Noida Software Technology Park Limited, a well known name in the industry of Satellite Business has played a major role in covering LIVE Kabaddi World Cup 2011.

India has won Kabaddi World Cup 2011 defeating Canada in the finals.

Kabaddi World Cup 2011 was being played in various cities of the Punjab province from 1 to 20 November 2011 with teams from 14 countries like USA, UK, India etc.

The event got off to an elaborate Opening and closing ceremony on the evening of 1 and 20th November 2011 with performances by Bollywood Celebrities and other Punjabi artists, as well as a laser and fireworks show and recalled the every moment of the tournament.

NSTPL did the live coverage of all the matches and help audiences to enjoy Kabaddi match with association to PTC News TV channel.

With more than a decade of experience in satellite based services NSTPL is a world-class service provider of a comprehensive range of quality services such as TV Broadcasting, Video Uplink, New Gathering, Occasional feeds, News Feeds, downlinking of International Channel, Integration of Teleports & DSNG, ISP etc.